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Have that one dream place? If you could have a ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? For me, it has always been New Zealand. Mom and Dad got married there. It is all over every adventure travel guide. The All-Blacks won the last World Cup. Lord of the Rings. What's not to lust about that place?

Landed! New Zealand!!
Canyoning and site-seeing in Auckland.
Weekend trip up to Christchurch for a beer festival.
And school finally started.
What would NZ be without some Speights and rugby?!
GGG crazy road trip to Hokitika for the Wild Foods Festival.
The obligatory Cadbury factory tour.
GGG bought a car: the cockroach.
An impromptu hike to a nearby mountain (only in NZ...)
Biggest party of the year: Hyde Street Keg Party.
GGG go sea kayaking on Otago Peninsula.
Wanaka for a race and Erin's birthdayFergberger and paragliding. Best April Fool's Day ever: mountain biking in Queenstown.
Mid semester was great! We headed up to Auckland and Bay of Islands with Scott. Full day adventures, un in the sun and island hopping, CoromandelCathedral Cove
Some rugby and Otago Peninsula fun.
What makes Monday mornings better? How about waking up in the sand to a bright sunrise over the water?!
Ted (the horse guy) invited me for a hunt in Central Otago with his hunt club!
What would a real college experience be without some shenanigans around town?!
Couldn't resist some more time in Queenstown before a trip up at the glaciers.
With Boo in town, we had a little stay-cation/romantic horse adventure in Dunedin.
Us Ladies spent a weekend in the Caitlins, south of Otago.
Lindsey, Erin, and I have self-titled ourselves, the Tramping Circus. One of our adventures? Stewart Island - the third island of NZ.
Erin's boyfriend Tommy paid us a nice visit. First things first, show him a bit of Otago Peninsula.
Showing Charlotte a good time in Queenstown before trying to get to Milford Sound where we did some kayaking.
I was fortunate enough to do some hunting. (Like fox hunting but there are no foxes in New Zealand.)
A two day hunt.
Closing weekend.
A last minute local adventure before heading off to the airport. :(

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