Monday, May 28, 2012

tramping circus

The GGG had our last trip just the 3 of us (for now!) this weekend to Stewart Island – the 3rd island of NZ.  We drove south, jumped on a ferry, tied up our laces, and hit the Raikura track. We stayed in a hut with some nice people from Belgium and enjoyed dinner of pre-made tortilla wraps.  

unloading the cockroach

so ready!

takin my special dog for a walk. they wouldn't let me have a real one

in bed at 6 pm...

Then it was a long 11 hour hike done in 8 hours back to Oban for a nice real meal and bed! 

mud, mud, mud

we did it!

We spent Monday morning site seeing Oban and enjoying the Stewart Island life including fancy crepes, the maritime museum, beer and pool, and puppies, ponies, and whales!

we love oban! 
pool shark

just tied up outside the crepe place! 

"do i have dirt on my face?"
"just a little..."

And our video of the weekend:

Monday, May 21, 2012


So we had a girls' weekend in the Catlins this weekend. It was lovely. No wonder everyone talks about this place! Sunday morning we woke all groggy from the rugby game and night out the night before and hit the road south for the Catlins. Only a couple hours later, we were standing at Nugget Point:

gotta love self timer shots

when they actually work

{Not sure if I've iterated enough that I want to be a lighthouse keeper some day...}

the nuggets

Then to make the most of our short time here, we headed to see some waterfalls and other sites:

Boo and the waterfall
 Following an itinerary set by a friend, we then stopped at this odds n ends shop called Curios only to find that it closes for the winter :( horse.shit.

very cool

life on the road allows for copious amounts of PB & J sandwiches
 Next? A nice hike to McLean Falls.

For sunset, we headed down to the coast again for some penguin watching.

doing hoodrat stuff with my friends
 It was a great success! They were so cute.

After such an epic sunset, we found a nice dolphin-themed hostel for the night and decided upon a sunrise watch from the southern most point of the south island of New Zealand- Slope Point. It was just us and a field full of sheep to welcome the day. 

Even more activities before heading home... Cathedral Caves. {Cathedral COVE was in the north island.}

for our album cover

Then it was home again, home again for another (nearly final) week of school... 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

horse play

So the first part of our girls' weekend consisted of farmer's market dates...

 peninsula touring...

 and going to play with the horsies! delightful!
view from paddock gate.

"how do you get him to go forward?"
katie struggling
we even took the special ones out in public

whoa there

lindsey and me
is this real life?
big smiles all around


Then back home in time for our last home rugby game :(