Saturday, July 28, 2012

safari day

Today we went on an 'excursion' to Taman Safari just a couple of hours outside of Jakarta.  Steve, Steve, Deemer, Emilee and I loaded up in 2 cars and headed out of the city through 'real indonesia' aka slums and rubbish-covered-roads up the hills to the safari.  Along the roads leading up to the entrance, children and women of all ages sold heaps of carrots and bananas too feed the animals. After Deemer was accused of being a cheap bastard (only to later find out he way overpaid) we were loaded with treats for the animals. 

The place was unreal. Animals would stick their heads inside the windows - including critters with BIG horns and sharp beaks. We drove through different areas to see all sorts of animals – zebras, llamas, giraffes, elephants, wildebeest, lions, tigers, leopards, hippos (yes, we touched the ass of a hippo), and all sorts of deer-like critters. 

lions chillin 

qhite rhino

oh hey there!
wasn't too much of a fan of this guy

steve's gorilla feet with some of our bananas
After the driving part, we headed to the more zoo-like area. Stepped out of the car to find elephants casually wandering the yards where you could walk up and play with them. a dream come true! (even better than the whole elephant ride/encounter in Zimbabwe)

little wink from a cheeky owl
Then proceeded to the 'baby zoo' area where we could play with all sorts of baby critters – lions, leopards, white tigers, orangutans, and a big (non baby) bengal tiger. 

the lions were a favorite
this little guy just didn't want to be held. his cries and growls were a little off-putting 
picture perfect steve + tiger
group photo!
mom, i want a baby orangutan PLEASE
steve getting the perfect ball shot
squirmy little leopard
Even after all of this, we hadn't even seen any shows yet. We opted out of the dolphin (yes, dolphins! this place has everything!) show to grab some lunch.  But we did catch the tiger show where a flimsy barrier held encircled the 3 tigers and trainers.  The strong smell of gasoline, funny music, and strange sites made us all feel a bit high and out of place.  But it was a good show. 

birds of prey area where they're all attached to stumps
an eagle owl or something
We wandered through the rest of the uncrowded sites and stumbled upon two baby orangutans and one larger, older girl nearby.  For forever we just sat and played with the fellas. TOO CUTE! They were so smart and very human-like. Steve read their palms (they're going to have long, prosperous lives) and gave them reflexology. The other Steve befriended the older girl and the two of them became inseparable.  We figured out he doesn't need a girlfriend or anything, just an orangutan.  It was an afternoon day I'll never forget!

precious baby!!!
how could you resist that look!
steve's new best friend
And to top off such a great day, we had mexican for dinner! First bit of realish mexican food in 6 months and boy have i missed it. And we finally ended the night at a dance club.  It was all too great dancing our asses off with bosses twice our age.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

day in the life

I know I haven't given many updates about Indonesia. That's mostly because my days here are pretty average in comparison to NZ.  My mom's been asking and asking for pictures from here. I don't think she gets it when I say that I live and work in a sprawling shopping mall.

A usual work day looks like this:
730/8 – wake up
830 – one of the drivers (usually Budi) picks us up at the lobby
832 – arrive at office where we are greeted by smiling faces
work on a list of projects (from coordinate validating to analyzing numbers) and when those are finished, indulge in wikipedia and draw pictures back and forth to each other
12ish – guilt one or some of the guys to take us to lunch
1 – Ricardo and I delay going back to work by getting coffee (I don't even like coffee) and taking mall walks
4 – leave work (since it's Ramadan, the office closes early! woohoo)
wander through the mall to get home
5 – go to the pool or gym (with rolled up towels and water bottles at every station)
730 – go out for dinner (either just the 2 of us or with the guys)
830 – Game of Thrones (we watched all 3 seasons within days. it's great.)
10 – bed?
hear chants and late night parties out our windows at odd hours of the night.

Then we do it again! It's a nice schedule.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

quality family

So I'm sick in a third world country, sleeping on my bathroom floor and getting ready to head to a hospital in Singapore.  Meanwhile, my oh so loving family is in Vermont with some favorite family friends livin it up at a wedding. Not fair. 

they say they miss me.... psh

(Thankfully I have a fancy toilet with a bidet with all sorts of options)