Saturday, January 10, 2015

day of indulgence

We had a relaxing day of utter indulgence. It included a cooking class and eating until it hurt and then a bike ride to watch the sunset at a winery. 

As part of the cooking class, we started at the market in town. With our instructor we collected all the goodies we would need to create a decadent meal. 

the 3 musketeers 

Friday, January 9, 2015

inle lakeside

The 3 of us decided to check out Inle Lake. Tim had never been before and we heard some positive reviews. After spending a few days there, I have to say that I've seen better. It was pretty filled with tourist and hence has lost it's cultural charms. Needless to say, we found ourselves sharing a lot of laughs and made it a great time. 

First thing we did was a day long tour on the water. It included visiting a number of trade shops, some interesting, some not so much. 

We got off to wander and walked into a soccer game. There were so many colors going on that we couldn't figure out what the teams were. 

women weren't allowed at the 5 Buddhas so I watched from afar while Tim and Nate were given good luck

a monk feeding the birds


hanging gardens

some sweet girls harvesting flowers threw me a bouquet
Around sunset, some fake fisherman come out onto the waters to pose for tourists... as strange as it was, they still looked pretty cool 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

kyaukme with tim

After a bit of a goose chase around Kyaukme, we finally found Uncle Tim! He came to join us for the last leg of the trip without any plans. We spent the day with him exploring Kyaukme and finding everything it has to offer from a bamboo paper plant to some of the best Shan noodles. 

day 3

During a walk through one of the many mountain villages, we came across the cutest little laborers I've ever seen. They helped carry rocks one at a time from one place to another. It was so precious. Nate and I ended up getting some milk and candies at the village store to give the hard workers a bit of a treat. 

once they figured out the wrapper situation, they loved it

our downstairs roommates for the night


stuffing tea