Friday, December 28, 2012

merry christmas from the mountains

Let the holiday celebrations begin! Mom and I flew out a bit earlier than the boys to meet up with Ali and Bevan in beautiful Salt Lake City. We had some time in gorgeous, cool, blue sky days to site see and shop and finally head to the mountains. 

flying into SLC
With the lil jeep filled to the brim with groceries and luggage, Ali, Mom, and I headed west to the mountains, just as Google Maps directed.

solid advice

We were greeted with a cute home for the week and piling snow.

Finally the boys met us up there. Then Aunt Sandy and Uncle Keith. What a house-full of great family!

sibling love


snow on snow on snow
a house down the road "blew over"  (??) whoops.
while the house was great and seemingly close to the slopes, it was a bit of a hike every day
complete with a nice apres ski hot tub
 Christmas Eve included a feast of a dinner after a long day of skiing.  Then, some Moonshiners (the Discovery tv show about making moonshine) and puzzles before Santa could come. 
Christmas morning was nice and leisurely. Secret santa gifts were exchanged.  And we woke to a nice dusting of snow outside. 

our lil christmas tree. (the mandarine for perspective...)

headed up the mountain
We made a pit stop at a cheeky martini party on the slopes. Good times had by all on this Christmas Day!

Merry Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

home for the holidays

While I wouldn't say I was really home, home for the holidays this year, the whole break was wonderful and my days at home even more treasured.  Being at home included a lot of barn work and some catching up with family and friends.

How about a beautiful winter day paddle with some great people?

including a cheeky jumping rock jump

And a screening of The Hobbit. IMAX. 3D. nearly life changing.
me and Bolling all too excited!
Bolling the grey?
Also, sleepovers, lunch dates, and dinner parties. 
Mer Mer returned from her semester in the Turks and Caicos. 
Our lifelong neighbors, the Brannen's moved out of their house.  No more trampoline. No more street basketball games. And no more "let's just ask if we can borrow the Brannen's ______."
(a terribly sad walk down memory lane... oh the stories that house has witnessed!)
such good times