Thursday, October 31, 2013

couldn't stay away

After my time in the Alps just a few weeks ago, I just had to return. Thanks to my professor for taking a week to spend time with his family at home in Greece, I got the week "off". By "off" I still had stacks of reading, 2 papers, and a 40 minute presentation to prepare. But hey, no class! Off to Switzerland it was...

Caught a nice 3:45 bus to get to the airport just in time for my flight. Landed in Geneva and caught a train to head up the hills to Chateau d'Oex.
lake Geneva
some street art in Montreux
It was so great to be back with the Zeller family!! Even if I spent my first couple days writing my papers and going on the occasional walk in the mountains. 
We even went to a Halloween party in a nearby town. So well done. 

little pony parade

chalet built circa 1732

hip hip hooray!

everyone is winterizing 
2 special boys from Oxford are coming to join us tomorrow. We're all crossing our fingers they actually make it here. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

an irish weekend

After a social with the Oxford polo team, I awoke bright and early to catch a bus at 4. To the airport we go! Off to spend the weekend in Northern Ireland with some dear old friends
Arrived in Belfast to so much rain. Spent my day walking around and drying off in coffee shops.   
here we are with city hall
 Finally met up with Keely to head home and curl up to a fire. So wonderful to see these lovely ladies! Quite out of context not to be in the states though. 

Got to go for a little walk out the front door. Fields of sheep and cows. The sea. It's beautiful! 


Spent the weekend hiking, site seeing, eating, drinking, laughing, and catching up with friends.

here we are at some cliffs
so cute! 
we crawled out to the edge of that cliff

Giant's Causeway
call me captain

Sunday, October 6, 2013

sunday funday

Take advantage of a nice day here, right? So how bout a long walk to have a Sunday roast along the water? That's just what Stuart, John, and I did this fine Sunday. 
We came across a big green field filled with hundreds of cows and ponies! Children, dogs, gardens. So great!

We were almost like real adults and ate real grown up food. Such a nice change from our Keble dining hall grub!