Sunday, October 21, 2012

sunday funday

So as you few readers (if any left) have figured, the "funday quotes" are pretty nonexistent these days...
In an effort to at least post something, I'm cutting boundaries and opening up my Sunday to more than just words.  

Here's something to start/end your week depending on how you want to look at it. This is the promo video for GoPro's newest edition:

Just do. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

fall colors

Lucky me, I got to spend my weekend in the great outdoors in North Carolina!
The fall colors are pretty perfect up there. We went to the same place as where I took another PE backpacking group last fall. Thankfully it wasn't quite as chilly, but we did have a pretty thunderous storm in the middle of the night. (a big enough storm to keep me awake worrying about the safety of our spread out camp...) 
Some time around 3 a.m. I heard "Elly! Elly!" ..... My immediate response, "Just get inside the tent! It's not safe out there!" Turns out, one of the girls' tents got flooded. The fly blew off their tent and left them in standing water inside the tent. The two of them joined our three person tent to stay semi dry and warmish. Made for an even longer night. Thankfully the storming stopped come morning and we were able to pack up and head out without rain. 
All in all, the scenery was beautiful and we had a great group of students.