Sunday, January 6, 2013

vancouver. kiwi style

New Years Day, Lindsey and I joined Bob, Scott, Owen, and Damien up to Vancouver. Mind you, the car had 5 seats. There were 6 of us. Cozy much?

We had a couple of beautiful clear days in Vancouver. Ate good food. Saw the city. And laughed til my stomach couldn't take it any longer. It was great fun!

Lindsey, Bob, Me, Damien, Scott, Owen. A-Team.
dream home. boat houses.

home sweet home!
boys and concrete toys

the boys the 'sperm'

 Lindsey took off early early in the morning. I stuck around a bit longer then time to leave for me as well. Train, bus, taxi then finally to a hostel in Seattle. 
all aboard!
 A day of site seeing in Seattle before heading back home to the South. 

space needle
gum wall
 Ate good food per Ali's request. Drank some Starbucks. Walked til my feet hurt. 
you stay classy, Seattle. until next time!
 Catch ya later, West Coast! Back to school for now. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

seattle bound

From Park City, I headed north to Seattle to meet up with some good kiwi folks and study abroad friends from New Zealand days. (the best days.)
more mountains!
I met up with Lindsey, Katie and Boo at the airport where we were greeted by our favorite host, Nora. Oh how I've missed these ladies! She took us site seeing around her stomping grounds. 
look ma, we made it! 
Nora's ladies
Mt Rainier far off there
the freemont troll
even found a Cockroach look alike! 
From Seattle, Katie, Lindsey, Boo and I headed up to Mt. Baker in search of snow. 

We also found our Kiwi friends: Scott, Damien, Owen, and now Vancouver native, Bob. 

Damien, Bob, Owen

Scott takin Mt. Baker by storm
Katie and Boo left for a New Years in Seattle while Lindsey and I stayed with our new Canadian and not so new Kiwi friends. Things got weird... but great fun nonetheless!

morning after clean up

 Happy 2013! Hope your celebrations were just as grand!