Wednesday, July 25, 2012

day in the life

I know I haven't given many updates about Indonesia. That's mostly because my days here are pretty average in comparison to NZ.  My mom's been asking and asking for pictures from here. I don't think she gets it when I say that I live and work in a sprawling shopping mall.

A usual work day looks like this:
730/8 – wake up
830 – one of the drivers (usually Budi) picks us up at the lobby
832 – arrive at office where we are greeted by smiling faces
work on a list of projects (from coordinate validating to analyzing numbers) and when those are finished, indulge in wikipedia and draw pictures back and forth to each other
12ish – guilt one or some of the guys to take us to lunch
1 – Ricardo and I delay going back to work by getting coffee (I don't even like coffee) and taking mall walks
4 – leave work (since it's Ramadan, the office closes early! woohoo)
wander through the mall to get home
5 – go to the pool or gym (with rolled up towels and water bottles at every station)
730 – go out for dinner (either just the 2 of us or with the guys)
830 – Game of Thrones (we watched all 3 seasons within days. it's great.)
10 – bed?
hear chants and late night parties out our windows at odd hours of the night.

Then we do it again! It's a nice schedule.

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