Tuesday, June 14, 2011

onwards again

I write this post from a shitty computer in Botswana (and mice are running around the room) so i'm not even sure if this will work...
but the past couple days have been unbelievable!!!  filled with adrenaline, beauty, and wow-moments.  we spent some time in zimbabwe along the zambizi river. saw victoria falls- absolutely spectacular. bungi jumped. yes, i about wet myself. and yes, my parents know.  rode an elephant through the bush.  couple days have been in botswana.  went on some river safari cruises and game drives. saw pods of hippos, giant crocs, herds of elephants, giraffes, kudu, impala, some lion cubs, tons of beautiful birds, and everything but a leopard.  overate delicious food- a lot of foods similar to what we saw in the parks- crocodile, kudu, warthog, etc. got sand fleas.  slept with  mosquito nets over the bed. 

i really wish i could show you some picures

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  1. haha you almost made me wet myself by making me laugh at this blog post! :P