Saturday, June 18, 2011

day 2

In our 6+ hours of hiking today, we only saw/passed one other group of 3 Americans and the occasional porter running up the trail.  But we also found out that most porters call in sick or say they are busy when they hear that they have to do the Umbwe route.  hahaha I don't blame them now!
We started the day in the rainforest but shortly after, found ourselves in the moorland filled with spanish moss, lichens, and blankets of lush moss that look more like green, fluffy snow.  Another little wonderland-different-but I still feel like there should be little fairies everywhere.

we call it spanish moss; they call it spanish beard.  

We got our first glimpse of the summit today... beautiful, but still seems really far away.

day 2- success

last chance for being heli-lifted
The fog, or rather clouds finally came.  It was really cool to watch them crawl up the valley all day, and now we are in them.  We've been above the first set of clouds almost all day- you can't see the earth below at all.  I think we're in or at least near the alpine desert.
night 2 camp. in the fog

Our camp overlooks a village of tents of people from other routes.  Supposedly our porters kicked out some people who were setting up camp in our spot away from everyone else.  That's right, we only get the best!  From here, we will be with a lot of other people because this is where a couple of routes join.
the 'others' veiled by the fog so we don't have to see them

she's quite a beauty

Tonight we stay at 3920 m and will hike higher tomorrow given that we don't stay another night here which is a possibility.  If we want an acclimatization day, we will stay here again tomorrow.  

the mess tent under the stars

think she sleeps?

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