Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm sad to say that today is my last day in Stellenbosch. super sad :( I guess this means I will just have to come back, eh?  I love this place. The scenery, the people, the town... all so great!

We leave for Zimbabwe and Botswana tomorrow morning at 430 am (yikes! all nighter? maybe.) for Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park. Then I go up to Tanzania to meet up with mom for mt. kili! woohoo! I hope I make it- I don't feel very prepared and am trying to get well before then...

From cage diving last weekend with "6 metah whites" :

we all survived


  1. are you felling okay? great photos. Have fun be safe. The neighbor!

  2. almost started crying catching up on all your blogs...marge moment? everything sounds amazing, can't wait to hear about it first hand! lovelovelove times a million. miss you dude.