Thursday, June 23, 2011

catching up....

So i guess my post i tried to do from botswana didn't work so well...
but to fill you in, both mom and i made it to the summit of mount kilimanjaro on the morning of the 21st!!! woohooo! and we did it in good time and a day earlier than expected :) but our world's best guides and perfect weather are to be greatly accredited!  so now we have an extra day here in moshi then will head off to the ngoragora crater tomorrow. maybe a bit frostbitten and bruised, but my toes are all on my feet and legs are still sorta working...

first we spent a day with some masai people

lookin good at 94 years old
 then to begin our climb:
start: the rainforest with the welcoming calls of monkeys
world's best guides: Gift and Arnold
getting closer...

cold, dark trek to the summit
and we made it! all 5895 m

our sweet porters and guides sang us goodbye songs

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  1. omg elly (and mrs. offutt!), CONGRATULATIONS!! i'm so proud of you two wonder women! what an amazing experience that i can't wait to hear all about. great pictures too!