Monday, May 28, 2012

tramping circus

The GGG had our last trip just the 3 of us (for now!) this weekend to Stewart Island – the 3rd island of NZ.  We drove south, jumped on a ferry, tied up our laces, and hit the Raikura track. We stayed in a hut with some nice people from Belgium and enjoyed dinner of pre-made tortilla wraps.  

unloading the cockroach

so ready!

takin my special dog for a walk. they wouldn't let me have a real one

in bed at 6 pm...

Then it was a long 11 hour hike done in 8 hours back to Oban for a nice real meal and bed! 

mud, mud, mud

we did it!

We spent Monday morning site seeing Oban and enjoying the Stewart Island life including fancy crepes, the maritime museum, beer and pool, and puppies, ponies, and whales!

we love oban! 
pool shark

just tied up outside the crepe place! 

"do i have dirt on my face?"
"just a little..."

And our video of the weekend:


  1. The video captures so much -- thank you for putting it together. What fun the three of you have --true friends. Hugs to all of you

  2. I just giggled out loud to this video! sooo great :)
    y'all seem like a hilarious bunch. so fun!
    dude you saw whales... I have got to get over there