Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday

I sat in bed Thursday night thinking about how productive I could be the next day... well so much for that! Should've figured some other fun plans would take precedent. 
Started with a lazy morning and a proper breakfast. Lindsey and I went on a hunt for additions to our fairy costumes for hyde street (btw, can't wait).  
Then we came home to some eager beavers waiting to go on a hike up Mt. Cargill. Where else could you decide you want to climb up a mountain and just walk out your front door to start?! That's exactly what we did!

walked BY the world's steepest street along the way

purtiest treehuggers i ever saw

last lookout before we ascended into the clouds

And some summit beers? How bout Monteith's summer ale?!

what a crew!

Then for the great descent down. 

And we even did it in almost half the time it was supposed to take!

** photo creds go to Lindsey. my computer still will not upload :(

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