Sunday, March 11, 2012

wild foodz

After an impromptu night in Arthur's Pass, we filled up the tank and finally made it to Hokitika! We painted up, and the wild rumpus began!

The creepy nurses were EVERYWHERE!

Being centered around wild foods, we had to try some...
how bout some vegan gonads first:

Then there was a drag show! Erin got pulled on stage. It was wild.

Davis and Alex (who are from home and WWOOFing here on a gap year) came to meet up at the festival. It was so nice to see people from home! Some good ole southern folk. 

We ate hoo hoo grubs:

Then headed down to the beach for some bonfire time before the rains came.

After a wild night which included crashing a rather intimate wedding, and a lot of rain, I crawled back to the tent at around 5 in the morning for some quick zzz's before the long haul back to Dunedin. 

I can honestly way that it was probably {all in all} one of if not the BEST weekend ever. Our jokes still haven't gotten old. We all handled the hiccups well.

**photo cred to Lindsey. computer isn't uploading my pictures :(

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