Sunday, March 25, 2012

rolling in the deep

So the bad weather that was supposed to hit all weekend finally struck us today... 

But first, we had a great flat breakfast complete with some new friends we met just yesterday. How bout some eggs and home fries? homemade biscuits? Oh so good. 

All fueled up, the GGG set out on a maiden voyage in the newly acquired cockroach out onto the peninsula to Portobello for some sea kayaking. 

Well we made it! And decided to head out onto the seas despite the thunder and ominous clouds all around us...

Sooner or later, the hail came in. oh yes, hail. we turned around.

Nothing like a good adventure, eh?

So to be nice, the company gave us a good boat ride in the bay to see some wildlife! 

a feeding frenzy complete with schools and schools of fish, seals, and albatross! so cool!
wet and coldddd
Happy Sunday!

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  1. What fun and what an adventure. Are these pics with your new camera -- the one that can get wet and take bumps? Clear even with the fog, clouds, and hail. Girls, girls, girls.....