Tuesday, March 20, 2012

school's fun

So I'm really enjoying school again. {I haven't liked school much at all since high school...} And it's great to get another perspective (besides AMURICA's) on the world from an academic setting. 

Teachers (no matter what sort of degree they hold) all go by their first names. They are interactive, even with a 300 person lecture hall. They're professional. They talk about beer and things students can relate to.  They care more about your learning than your test scores. They do not give petty assignments for the sake of grading.  They are really prepared for class.  And, they treat you like an adult. I love it here!

Anyways, I am taking a couple marketing classes, a geography class, and a maori studies class. All of which I enjoy!  And I've decided to start sharing some of the gems of class time...

Here's just one of em:

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