Sunday, March 18, 2012

GGG new purchase

So Erin, Lindsey and I have started our own sorority to rationalize our sorority poses and occasional girly or gangster-like obsessions. GGG. Gangsta, Glitter, Girls. any order, really. Started one night in our adopted home: erin's flat when we were tired and giddy and covered in glitter... 

Well tonight, we bought our first car!!! Meet the cockroach. $1150 in an intense bidding war. 
I'm sure you'll have pictures to complement the description, but for now, here's the listing:  

Number plate:
Body:Silver, 5 door, Hatchback
Fuel type:Petrol
Engine:1500cc, Automatic
Import history:Imported
Registration expires:This month
WOF expires:Jun 2012
Stereo description:Cheapie job from The Warehouse - cassette, aux in, AM, NZ FM frequencie­s but dodgy reception.
Features:Air conditioning
I call it "The Cockroach" - ugly as hell but would survive a nuclear holocaust. 

This car will get you laughed out of a muscle car meet. It will never be featured in NZ Performance Car. If you drive it in Christchurch's famed "NO CRUISING ZONE" on a Friday night, you will not get stopped by the cops cause nobody would be caught dead "cruising" in this. 

Owning this car will not help you pick up sexual partners... well, it'll definitely help in the sense of being able to collect them from one place and drive them to another, but the car itself will not engender uncontrollable feelings of lust in prospective mates. 

Also, the shape is pretty ugly and box-like. 

On the other hand, the engine's been solid as a rock for 180,000 km and counting. Yes, it's failed warrants, but they've been on things like tyre tread, little spots of rust, and water behind the brake light shield. The front brakes did go a bit dodge last month, but I got them fixed up - brand new hose and pads. 

It can carry a metric shitload of gear for such a small car. Past examples: 
- 2x double basses, 2x stools, 2x people and 2x lots of luggage. 
- My entire life's belongings when moving AKL-WLG then WLG-DUN. 
- A funk band's worth of instruments, drum kit excepted, AND a small PA. 

Another advantage is its utter lack of appeal to thieves and joyriders. Serious, it was parked on-street when I lived in the Wellington ghetto (Newtown) for three years - including just round the corner from the Satan's Slaves gang house - and it never once got broken into. It's that unappealing. 

Fuel economy is pretty sweet too - I can get between Auckland & Wellington on about 55 L of petrol. It's a light-weight car; much zippier than a 1.5 L engine would indicate. 

I am reluctantly parting with The Cockroach since I'm now on a lecturer's salary and no longer have to own a poor student's car. However, if YOU are a poor student, this is perfect! Flick me a text. My name's Robbie. 

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