Saturday, March 10, 2012

the highlanders

So the local rugby team is the Highlanders. When people here reference the team, it is not "Highlanders" but always "THE Highlanders." Pretty strange. 

Anyways, we got our tickets ahead of time and with my ticket, i got a b-e-a-utiful jumpsuit/overalls! Mom, you can be proud now. 

In an effort to maximize the experience, we decided to do the Speight's brewery tour. It was really fascinating. And since we were going to the game right afterwards, I had my Highlanders/Speights jumpsuit on for the whole thing. Winning. 

The highlight of the tour? Unlimited samples of every brew for 25 minutes. The room went from sober to sloppy within a matter of minutes. You circle around pulling the tap each lap. You can't stop because everyone would know it. And if people do drop out of the circle, it only goes faster. Ah jeez. 

Sure enough, Lindsey and I ended up on the piano playing heart and soul again. This time, we had a chorus of a bunch of men singing along. Sure did get rowdy for such a limited amount of time. Good times, good times. 

The walk home was also quite enjoyable. 
i love yall!

So we ran home, rallied up some more troops and headed off to the stadium for some good ole rugby watching. 

en route!
rockin the overalls!
erin, me, katie, lindsey
some lovely ladies 

Highlanders won 27-24. Was a great first game of the season! 

katie, scott, lindsey, me and erin after an exciting win
walk home in the rain
me and lindsey getting ready to hit the town

me and joanna- fellow georgian!! woohoo!!

**photo creds to Lindsey, Katie, and Joanna

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