Saturday, March 10, 2012

definition road trip

I thought my last adventurous road trip was a fun and disaster filled experience. Well, I have to confess that I have a new epic standard. When I picture road trips, I picture music, singing, wide open roads, wind in your hair, sun-shining type of adventure. That is exactly what this weekend's road trip was.
for the most part.

Let me start by explaining the preceding week. We had bought tickets to the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival on a groupon type site. Next step was finding a way to get all the way over to Hokitika. After an extensive search for buses, trains, rental cars and the likes, we decided on renting a car or trying to persuade my flat mate to let us use his.

On Friday morning, we prepared to hit the road! First stop: the gym to rent out some gear. I managed to lock the keys in the boot. awesome. In cries of distress, I summoned the front desk people to help. Susie, the very kind girl, called a car service pretending she locked the key in the trunk of her friend's car. A delightful old man came to the rescue and saved the day. Finally all packed up, we hit the road! On the left side of the road... 

With access to a our own car, we figured we had the luxuries of stopping at places along the way to the West Coast.  First stop, Moeraki Boulders!

Then, on the road again! 
A few hours later, I wake up to a bump, bump, bump... pulled over to find our tire completely blown. Not popped, but shredded. 

check out our beautiful reflections. 

The resourceful adults we are, we decided to hoof it into town.  A couple kilometers later, we found a mechanic.  $200 later, she was all fixed up and ready to go. 
{We only later found the spare in the boot... but on behalf of our sanity, it wouldn't have gotten us there and back safely.}

found on the side of the highway...
lookin good
Next stop: Lake Pukaki

And Lake Tekapo: 

And other road hazards included one-way bridges and waterfalls cascading over the road

**most photo cred to Lindsey

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