Friday, March 30, 2012

another epic weekend

So, you may be beginning to think I am the boy who cried wolf with all these epic adventures... but really, I've just never experienced stuff like this!! 

Friday, we (Erin, Lindsey, Cory, Katie, and myself) loaded up in the cockroach and hit the road for Wanaka. It was a cozy ride, but we fit just nicely.

Erin's birthday is on Sunday!! The BIG 2-1! So, Lindsey, Katie and I baked some cakes for the road trip last night. And, we managed to keep them secret until a pit stop birthday break!

happy birthday, erin!
 And what would a road trip be without a stop for ice cream and epic lake photos??

the cockroach! adorned with her new "E"- which is still there

Lindsey and I got a little too excited for the ice cream

another lake-flashing photo...

And when we finally made it to Wanaka, how bout a celebratory dip into a quite cold lake?! Did we have bathing suits? no, but like that was going to stop us!

best place ever!
And to dry off, we just basked in the sun and watched it sink down.  This place is unreal! {i know, i know, i say that about everywhere here...}
We sat under the stars and just talked life. How neat is that?!

love yall!

Good luck to the runners tomorrow morning!

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