Saturday, March 24, 2012

hyde st

What do you get when you combine thousands of scarfies together with lots of booze and costumes? The hyde street keg party! Might as well be a holiday here the way everyone treats it!

So every house on hyde street chooses a theme (i.e. smurfs, baywatch, out of africa, anything but clothes, etc.) and then provides a keg. As the newspaper said, "sources have confirmed about 10,000 people will attend the party." [Ok, now by sources, they failed to mention that it was actually just facebook.] The popular thing is to drink a goon [boxed wine] before noon. And supposedly people started the festivities a little after 5 am. 

So our version of the day: a fort/sleepover in the living room all together Fri night. 

Wake up to all too excited people ready for hyde st. {they looked more like creeps than nerds...}

nerd joshy

 Lindsey and I glittered and face painted (of course) and also crimped our hair. {Erin had a field trip :( but she ended up coming to hyde street anyways!}

Started with mimosas of cheap bubbly cider and gas station orange juice. And ventured out to the masses of people at Hyde street!

lindsey, erin, cory, and me

In a forecast of rain, rain, rain all weekend, we were lucky enough to have some sun-shining hours to bask on hyde street with all the chaos.  

The day ended with a roof caving in, somebody falling off a roof and apparently getting hurt pretty badly, and some afternoon showers to put a damper on it all. Check out some great pictures here.

and the aftermath...

we survived!!!
no idea what this means
** photo creds go to Lindsey and Katie **

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