Wednesday, April 11, 2012

more friends

We joke that we only have 3 friends (Erin, Lindsey, and myself- yes that's 3).  Add-ons include Katie, Cory, Joshy, Scotty, most recently Owie, and sometimes Scotty's brother Johnny.  

We met up with Beaker and Davis in Hokitika a few weeks ago. They've been wwoofing and traveling around the country since then, just livin the life. They just made it up North and spent last night in Scotty's driveway in their car; so, this morning we caravanned up to the Coromandel Peninsula.  We played lots of "hey cow!" and flew the car and sang disney songs out the sunroof. What a fun drive!  {Poor Johnny didn't realize what he was getting into when he volunteered to go with us in exchange of Scotty...}

We found a nice little campground/backpackers right on the beach in Hahei. There was even a vacuum! (Erin and I had some good fun vacuuming our faces... until we got in trouble...) and a playground! and warm showers! 

Shortly after finding an inn for the night, we were off to Hot Water Beach! Although it was a pretty dreary day, it was so crowded. We waited like hawks for a party to abandon its pool so we could take it. You dig down in a hot spring and pools of warm water surface. it was really cool!

cuttin diamonds
Tomorrow's Beaker's birthday!! So in celebration, we combined forces and created a feast dinner complete with a tub of ice cream and proceeded to playing games the rest of the night.  I've never felt like such a child! Some of the rules to one of the games: you can't point- so use elbows; you can't look the person you're talking to in the eye- so look just above or below their eyes; you can't drink you drink with hands- you must use raptor claws to clutch your vessel. As you can imagine, we probably looked like quite the crowd to by-passers–not using hands or fingers and making dinosaur noises. B-E-A-UTIFUL!

the royal punishment for drawing an even numbered card= hand art by the person to your right

erin, you've found your soul mate: Beaker
friendship handshake
The night continued with some beach frolicking in the pouring down rain. Playing on the slides and play-set. Running around the campground. And puddle hopping. All barefoot and soaking wet. So. much. fun. 
Happy Birthday Alex!!!

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