Sunday, April 8, 2012

day full of activities

We had a running joke(?) that Scott and Owie planned an itinerary full of activities with snack times built into the schedule.  Today, their itinerary was implemented with a day full of all sorts of activities!! 

First, playing around the property. We found a praying mantis. He was praying just because it was Easter Sunday!

Then we loaded up into the mom van again and headed north. 90 Mile Beach:
what a bromance

cause we're the 3 best friends...

you know you love me, xoxo

if you look closely, you'll see a full moon a risin'
and jumping pics became quite a theme...
After our photo shoot, it was off to Cape Reinga- the northern most point of New Zealand! Owie and I managed to tag team some great pb&j sandwiches on the ride amidst the singing and intense games of HEY COW {basically, you scream out the window "hey cow!" to any herd of cows on the side of the road. the more looks from the cows, the more points you get. if they run, added points. boy, did we get some cows running... and we also found that the game works with sheep particularly well as they are skittish animals anyways}

There was also a couple car fulls of friends from back in Dunedin who were staying with us for the night. They couldn't keep up with the speedy mini van though, so we had some of our own adventures. 

what a great crew!
erin and I
and the boys came skipping down the hill
sorawrity gurls
more jumping!
the crew!
just gazing away

And some drama for the afternoon: Lindsey's (of course it was Lindsey... just her luck...) hat blew off her head onto the side of the cliff. Valiant Joshy risked his life to crawl along and pick it up. It gave us all some grey hairs... 

reunited at last!
 Next stop: the sand dunes! They were incredible! We could've spent an entire day there just playing in the giant sand box. So. Fun.

here we are back at the sand dunes. yes, we all raced down that mountain of sand
sand angels!
stuck in the desert... for a matter of minutes...
in the words of owie: "how do you guys ever make any friends???"
we don't. we have each other
look at how fast we run!
going up was much harder than down
Scotty flying!
look at her go!
all of us at a pit stop


**lots of photo cred to Lindsey

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