Sunday, April 22, 2012

weekend update

We decided to stay in lovely Dunners for the weekend. And what fun it was! 
Friday was the rugby game vs the Blues. And Highlanders with another W! 

what a fine crew

Lindsey and I found a shopping cart in the road... it became our transportation device.

I finally got to go to the farmers market Saturday morning! It was so, so fun!!!

colin and his big bag o apples
And then we decided to explore the peninsula a bit. First stop: some castle. We drove up only to find out that the entry fee was $20something a person! yea right. So we turned around and drove back out the driveway. Well, with nothing better to do, we decided to have a chinese fire drill and try again. We all rotated and pulled back up to the gates. nope. drove back out again. ok, one last time. Finally, the guy asked, "Did you kids just come through here?" "No, I don't believe we did." "Hmmmm cause there's been another car like yours that has been asking to go in without paying...." Nobody has a car like the cockroach! and nobody has even been to the castle all day!!!! We have it all on film somewhere...

So off we went to Sandfly beach to see penguins and sea lions and play in the sand.
oh and joshy got a black eye last night...

peg leg pirate

every day i'm strugglin 

conor and his penguins somewhere on that hill

GGG 4 life

And we played a ridiculous game where you had to walk exactly in the leader's footsteps. I'm sure we looked silly...


What great friends!

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