Monday, April 9, 2012

pirates. arghh

We have started a tradition of breakfast feasts. It's a great gig. Eggs, french toast, home fries, bacon... oh so much deliciousness! It's a great start to our days! 
We've made a good habit of making proper meals and sharing them all together. I love it!
me and owie.
back in the kitchen, per usual

We got stuff together and spent our day out on the water. Mostly island hopping and pretending to be pirates...
it was so beautiful!!!
look, ma- no hands! don't fall out linds...
captain scott

sweet tide pools! i swear mermaids lived in there

and we hiked up a mountain. what a view!

We ventured on over to an island where we frolicked in the water and played in the sand. Erin, Lindsey and I drew a beautiful sand monster named Helga. She was quite a beaut. While playing sand pictionary and collecting seashells, we looked up to find the boys sprinting down the mountain path yelling nonsense. As they got closer, we could see muddy face paint and ferns tied around their arms and legs and they were carrying large sticks. Savages, i tell ya! We couldn't stop laughing. Then it was back home for some R & R. 

So, we cracked open some brewskies and enjoyed the sunset with some boche ball and photo shoots!

and these limes were picked fresh out of the garden

definition chill.


picture perfect

didn't realize this would be the end result....
check out the wave–like clouds

and the best "1, 2, 3, pose!" I've ever seen! They were all over the place

another delightful dinner together!
all of us trying to frown like Lindsey
 And then the games started... one of which was a relay race around the property. Lindsey didn't turn when the pathway turned and ended up eating some concrete and possibly may have broken her wrist.  She was quite the sport though and her team ended up winning. Then, we all played a game of King's Cup. I drew the last king so had to drink the vessel on the lookout point like a cat... pretty horrid. 

sums up the night! RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) Lindsey!
night time beach time

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