Thursday, April 12, 2012

cathedral cove

We originally wanted to go blackwater rafting today... but couldn't get a tour for all of us :( Next best option? stay in Hahei with Beaker and Alex and go to Narnia. ok, really, Cathedral Cove. Narnia was only filmed there... 
And what was supposed to be a rainy day, turned out to be quite nice! Clearly...

Erin and I had a nice morning walk on the beach to start off the day:


Then, it was off to narnia!
bro it out

Along the walk to the actual cove, there were several turnoffs– just as beautiful in their own special ways.

We had so many great laughs and stories along the trail! Who knew you could have so much fun just walking in good company?! 
Oh, good times, good times!

joshy and lindsey
johnny boy
with our 'special' sister, erin

cathedral cove!
We did make Joshy take pictures of us. and hold all our gear. sorry bout it, joshy.
photographer joshy

what a great group!

i love these people!

crazy erin
We just roamed the beaches, talking and playing in the waves and admiring the scenery. 

In honor of it being Beaker's birthday, we decided he needed to get the biggest ice cream cone they had... 6 scoops. And he finished it. without a single complaint. several brain freezes and lots of drippage later, he had it finished! impressive. (we do have it on film somewhere...)

The boys are wwoofing at a farm on the peninsula then leave for the states in a few weeks :(  So, we said our goodbyes and hit the road. again. just some last car flying and "hey cows!" before completely saying bye though. 

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