Saturday, April 7, 2012

bay of islands bound

Flights were significantly cheaper from Christchurch so yesterday, we loaded up the car and headed north. We stayed at a sketchy place... but luckily we only had to endure for a few hours until our 7 am flight this morning. Here's some footage of our road trip to Christchurch:

Scott and Owen/Owie (his friend from home who goes to Uni in Auckland now) picked us up in Auckland after a night spent in Christchurch and the 6 of us headed straight up to Scott's bach in the Bay of Islands.  We did a lot of singing, stopped for groceries and booze, and bonded in the soccer mom mini van.

We pulled up to the bach with a large gate and wall and entered to find a paradise of breathtaking views and immaculate gardens.

our faces upon arrival to the gates:

After a quick unloading of bags and groceries, we hit the road for a quick tour of the area and surrounding towns. Truly an island place. 

First stop was a beach:
pretty much epitomizes our trip. scotty with the video camera. owen and his mismatch black socks, sitting on the ground. and erin and joshy being fools


Then we drove to town to check out the cute stores and for a celebratory beach beer from the oldest inn in new zealand

a beach beer to celebrate making it up there!

now look who's special
Then the rains came and we made our way back home for Owie's famous cheese platter. It sure was tasty!

owie's cheese platters. delicious!

Then we got a tour of the dungeon. {the property used to belong to some drug lord} it was sketchy as. 

Our precious erin:

And I decided to sleep outside under the stars. It was beautiful except for waking up to heaps of bug bites all over my face and arms...

erin creeping as i slept blissfully on the deck all night

**some photo creds to Lindsey

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