Wednesday, April 25, 2012

gone huntin

After our ride on the beach on Monday, Ted mentioned a hunt on Wednesday (ANZAC day - so no school) and said he'd call around to see if he could find me a horse.  Well, I got a call yesterday saying he had a horse if i was interested. Well of course I was! So he picked me up a little after 7 and we headed off to pick up horses and head to the hunt. 

We divided and conquered and had the horses and tack loaded up in no time. From there, it was off to central otago- towards Wanaka/Queenstown.  A couple hours later we arrived to a pasture of trailers in the middle of a huuugeeeee valley with sheep pastures as far as you could see. I was given my horse for the day: a little shit called Ringo. We saddled up, got a briefing from the huntsmen and we were off chasing the hounds!

Flying through sheep pastures, jumping barbed wire fences, and people boozing on flasks of scotch– what an interesting hobby!  After a couple of hours, the hounds finally caught a hare! We all dismounted, cracked a beer, and celebrated the successful hunt.  Then it was back in the saddle and at it again.  More galloping. more whips. more scotch. and more fun.
We finally called it quits when the sun was beginning to set and headed back to the trailers.  As a day well spent, we finished with a big potluck and toasts.

One of the BEST days of my life!!!

Uncle Pete was there taking official photographs- i'll try to get them to show yall.

Uncle Pete!

Tim (who lent me the horse and gear) and me

Ted and GLOM huntsman, Dick

me on Ringo and Tim
jump, hounds!

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