Sunday, April 1, 2012

fool's day

Despite our wild birthday night last night, we were all (Erin, Lindsey, Katie, Joshy, Cory, Bryan and I) up for some downhill mountain biking today.  I'm actually quite jealous of Erin and that she got to spend her 21st birthday like this!

After a hardy breakfast, we suited up into armor and hit the gondola. It was really one of the coolest things I've ever done. I'm so hooked!

so. excited.
gondola ride up
ready to hit the trails!
Lindsey and Katie weren't such fans of it... instead, they had photo shoots with the incredible backdrop. Lindsey had a wipe out on her face and completely bent her left brake handle... then threw her bike in disgust at the bottom of the hill– totally epitomized the experience for her.  She and Katie headed in after a couple of laps down the mountain and opted for ice cream and a nice sunny nap instead.

The rest of us exhausted our gondola passes up to the last chair.  You know that great feeling of skiing all day– legs too tired to walk properly, but you keep going anyways because it's too great to pass up? That's exactly how this felt too.

Met some pretty neat people on the mountain too... well, of course. Who here wouldn't be cool? One guy is here on a work conference and came a few days early to play– expenses covered by work. Now that sounds like a sweet deal.

one of the lookouts

 Then back to Fergburger for round 2! 

what katie gets for leaving her camera with us...
 Before hitting the road for home again... :(  

We've all agreed another trip to Queenstown is a must before we leave. Hopefully during the ski season!

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