Sunday, April 29, 2012

lazy sunday

Our trusty 3rd wheel (erin) decided to ditch us this weekend for some 'other friends.' Well she sure did miss out on some shenanigans.  With her gone, Lindsey, Katie and I planned to go to the Catlins which is just south of here. Come Friday evening, it started raining and The Lucky One (nicholas sparks story with zac efron) looked more and more appealing than riding in the car and camping in the cold rain. So the three of us split a large popcorn and gushed all over the dogs and sexy scenes in the movie. It was delightful. It won't be winning any awards, but it was beautiful. 

We then raided on Cory's poker night with his flat. Katie bought in and Lindsey and I just cheered her on and provided chocolate for everyone. We also discovered Cory's flatmate/kiwi host, Robbie who is quite hilarious and now serves as our Dunedin Owie.  Basically, the night ended with a large sleepover at Lindsey's abandoned flat. Yep, four of us in her double bed. It was snuggly to say the least. (and Robbie is just under 6'6"- doesn't fit well in the best of conditions.)
lindsey, katie, and robbie in his kiwi hat
After only a couple hours of sleep, Lindsey and I headed to the farmers market for a lovely picnic date outside. Tasty, fresh food and lots of happy people. It was great. We then video chatted my family which consisted of a great debate over whether soda should be allowed at Nate's party on Saturday night. Never a dull moment in that house...
With our bellies full of our latest great discovery: Whittaker's peanut butter chocolate, we decided to go for a run along the water. We got down there and felt like we were going to puke chocolate so turned our run into a walk. It turned out to be the best walk ever. We saw lots of dogs and children and people on bikes all out enjoying the nice weather. We talked about life and love and never wanting to leave. Yes, eyes got a little teary.  I literally don't know what I'm going to do without these girls!!!

We then made reservations for the speight's tour round II. And we also discovered video chatting each other! woohoo! So, now we can video chat whenever we're not together. I think we were apart for no more than a matter of minutes the whole weekend. It was great bonding. We got all dressed up and wore dresses for the first time here and conversed over video chat what to wear. The two of us speed walked down to the brewery in twenty minutes (it took us 45 to get home...) and walked through another long tour to get to the unlimited tastings at the end. {there were groupons for the tour so we all racked up on some as cheap, good drinking options.}

and dinner included hops tastings
And we found a poster of The Lucky One where Lindsey's face conveniently fit just in front of Zac Efron:

singing in the rain

fall leaves!

here we are, back on campus
Then we returned to all our friends and made the rounds: Steve's birthday party, then Katie's to rally some troops, then to Cory's flat for prom.  {they have this thing call red card events where each person in the flat gets to pull a red card for the year and make the flat do whatever he wants. So Cory's flatmate's red card event was a mock prom where each couple had to finish two bottles of Scrumpy and dress up as prom dates}  Lindsey was Cory's prom date. Cutest couple. 

fish faces!
scott and conor
The night proceeded to some downtown activities and lots of dancing. It was me, Katie, Scott, Andy and Jacob (Katie's flatmates). We lost Jacob in one of the first bars and then somehow Scotty and I ended up alone so just walked home and crashed. 

And then Sunday was the epitome of a lazy sunday. We ate 'breakfast' that we'd been planning all morning at 3 pm. It was the laziest day ever. And some storms were rolling in so Scott, Lindsey, and I went to go see Avengers 3D. It was awesome. 2 movies in one weekend. wow.

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  1. sometimes when i miss you i just come read all your old blog posts. i just miss ya and i love ya. miss these nz days of discovering video chat so we could be together ALL THE TIME :)