Sunday, February 26, 2012

beer fest 2k12

This weekend, a group of us decided to take a shot at a beer and music festival in Christchurch.  So, 5 of us loaded up into a Nakedbus and headed up north to escape the rain and clouds in Dunedin.  The Naked Bus comes right to campus; we hopped on there and rode 6 hours up the coast to Christchurch. Stopped, quickly, for tea along the way and just enjoyed the beautiful countryside that New Zealand has to offer. 

We got in after dark and spent the first night at Drifters backpackers–a lovely, homey place.

Then woke up early to check in at the next hostel and head over to the park for the festival. We walked through the Botanical Gardens on the way. They were quite beautiful!

Lindsey and I made some old friends
The music line up included Bret McKenzie(from Flight of the Concord)'s band {he wasn't actually there because he was "in the hospital..." but we came home to find a newspaper article with picture of him at the Oscars!}: The Black Seeds. {go check em out!} And what could be better than beer tasting and basking in the sun listening to good ole music?!

Lindsey and me
Spent another night in Christchurch before heading back to Dunedin on Sunday. 

Here's a black seeds song to give you an idea of what they're like:

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