Monday, February 6, 2012

the beginning of goodbyes

As you may well know, tomorrow, I embark to the other side of the world for the next six months (or as my friends are led to believe, for forever).  And while I've been busy, working {a lot} over the past few weeks, it hasn't hit me that I will (a) be leaving (b) life at UGA and at home goes on without me and (c) I always manage to overestimate my productiveness of time!!

I went up to Athens on Fri to say goodbyes to friends there... had a lovely {3 hour} dinner with high school friends. Went out with a bang. Stayed up til the wee hours of morning talking with some great people. Had another great breakfast at Mama's Boy.

im gonna miss you girls!!

What a random, but fabulous last visit to Athens for a while! I sure am going to miss it!

And then tonight, my sweet little Katie came over to join the family for a last family dinner. She wrote me this all too touching post {makes me cry} on her very own blog.  I certainly treasure our time together and will miss the company over the next short period of my life.

However, I am just a quick skype away!

I may be out of touch over the next few days. Not sure if i'll have internet in Fiji...

TTFN {ta ta for now!}

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  1. How lucky you are to have Katie in your life! Special message and valuable friendship. ENJOY