Thursday, February 9, 2012

safe arrival

Well, 26 hours later, I've finally made it to Fiji!!
The flight was fine. Long. And my tv didn't really work. But, oh well.

I'd just like to say, i have the greatest friends in the whole world!! Really, they're awesome.

{especially thanks to those of you who wrote in the traveling journal– author, Callie (way to pull through yet again! i'm so grateful for the documentation you provide); Sam (WWSD. always. and i love the quote); Mary (I'll try to find a boy for you and I'm updating this blog just for you); Kinman (I'll try to come back for Wanee and don't have too much fun without me); Bolling (you should pursue poetry.  HAGS); Morgan (I'll try to bring back a Kangaroo for you just because your artwork is so incredibly breathtaking); Bozz (you made me cry. and can't wait for you to be at UGA next fall. stay hungry. stay foolish). and of course my family– Nate (always short and sweet. i'll be sure to have fun- but only because you listed that 6 times); Dad (i love you. and i'm not bringing my squash stuff all this way not to play); and Mom (can't wait to come across your words throughout the pages).  I LOVE YALL!}

Going back a little bit in the journal...

Tues 7 Feb:
Well, I'm on my way! This is finally it.  Am I nervous? No, not really. But I'm not looking forward to all the orientations. I hate that kind of stuff.

Mom walked me to security. We both got teary (1 of us more so than the other as you can imagine...) and she just stayed there until I was well out of sight.  I'm sure this is hard as a mother but she knows I'm ready and totally respects that. That's all i can really ask for. In the car, she even questioned if I"ll ever come back home. I certainly don't know the answer to that just yet. Only time will tell...

Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for the next leg of my journey.  Left my phone at home (so glad I'm done with that POS!) and I really do feel far removed already.

{Time out. This skater punk (no, not like 20; he's 42) is asking the kiosk lady for a smoking place. To smoke dope.  He doesn't understand why there isn't a place here- Amsterdam does!}

We lost Wed the 8th to the international date line...

Thurs 9 Feb:
arrived to Fiji! Got in at the wee hours of the morning–the sun rises really early here.  There are 12 of us from the program that were on the earlier flight. Needless to say, we've bonded quite well in the few hours we've known each other...

Katie's and my room

our home away from home for a couple of days

a little song and dance

Walked to the port in search for some food and ended up getting pizza at 9 in the morning.
Spent most of the day on the beach (when it wasn't raining) getting sun burned.

sun was trying to come out!

Katie (my roommate for now) + Seth
Most of the people are from the Northeast. We were all pretty white. Now, we're all red. and hurting.  Ryan, our program director is with us but we saw little of him all day.  He's really nice though.
Of the 12 that are here right now, 3 of us will be going to U of Otago. One of them is my roommate, Katie (yep, yet another katie). She's really great!

We're trying to stay awake as long as possible; getting hard to fight the yawns and keep eyes open.  We walked down to the port again for dinner. At least the weather's nicer than this morning!

katie and me

sun-kissed and tired

Fri 10 Feb:
Even though my sunburn doesn't look so bad, it is soooo uncomfortable. Slept nearly naked to relieve some of the pain.

This morning, Katie agreed to go for a quick run with me. We died. It is so incredibly humid; it felt like i was trying to breathe underwater.  I haven't sweat so much in a long time. But, we're glad we did it– at least we did something.

Afterwards, we packed our bags and walked to the port to find free wi-fi (the hotel's outrageous and slowwww). Soon after setting up our laptops and getting settled, it started pouring! Monsooning!

So, right now, I'm listening to Kings of Leon and Jack Johnson over the radio and the heavy rain coming down outside, checking emails and updating yall!

downpour beyond that screen

Tomorrow morning we ferry off to another island for a few days. Cheers!

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