Wednesday, February 15, 2012

finally in nz

Woke up at 5 to fly to Auckland only to arrive at the airport and find that our flight was delayed til 1 pm. ugh. We sat and talked and ate. 

Hung out with Lindsey (who's going to otago too) most of the time. I really, really enjoy her. 

Sat next to an obese Fijian woman on the plane. She was really nice but just so damn fat. Fell right asleep–per usual. Another meal on the plane. Again, I love flying on international planes! They even gave us organic juice... wow. 

Three hours later, we landed in Auckland. 
Have only been here for a matter of a couple hours but I love it! I think i could easily stay. 

Nice hotel again. On the 13th floor. Katie and I are roommates again. Yay! She got stuck in the elevator as we were tripping over bags to keep the doors open and clearly failed. 

Dinner was at a super cute tapas place. Walked through the hilly, cobblestone walkways. Can't wait to spend more time here! I'm beginning to see why so many people just end up staying here! Ahhh


  1. stop talking about staying.... its making me sad.

    So glad you are loving it though. Everything looks like a dream!

  2. I am sitting here is awe of everything about your trip so look beautiful and the people sound incredible which is the most important part! Of course you sat next to a fat woman!
    I miss you so much and have been think about you lots! xoxo
    ps-you are beautiful Elly!!!