Tuesday, February 14, 2012

fiji goodbyes

Woke up to Billy asking us to move so they could set up breakfast. We simply moved a few feet and just watched the sea, mesmerized by the waves rolling up the sand. This can't be a real place. 

Spent most of the morning snorkeling. for hours. Crystal clear water this time. Saw a lion fish. And of course I didn't take the camera this time. Ah jeez. 
Jumped off the boat with Chris and George (locals). They're so cute. We laughed and played for forever. Then Erin, Joey, George and I had an underwater dance party. I have no idea how it started butit was so fun.
Swam back to shore in time for one last lunch.  They played music for us again. I freaking love the bass they put together. 
slap a da bass

Seth broke $600. Well done. 
Packed our bags. Exchanged facebook info. Goodbyes are never easy, that's for sure. But at least i'm not going home home just yet.  I'll never for get them. 

they have the biggest feet ever. 

 We all loaded onto the skiffs out to board the ferry back to Nadi. 

Then it was back to Sofitel for one last night before we're off to New Zealand!

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