Saturday, February 11, 2012

fiji time

The rest of the group came in today... there are now like 40 something of us. Pouring rain again. There's a new leader joining us from Sydney, Matt. A bit of a pretentious ass hole.  

We all boarded the ferry down at the wharf. Three hours and lots of vomit later {the storms and high seas led to most of the boat getting sick. smelled like vomit everywhere. gross.} , we ended up at Botaira Resort on some island.  Passed by some of the most unbelievable islands along the way. I'm waiting for a terradactyl to come flying out from behind one of the large mountains.  Jumped off the ferry onto overcrowded skiffs. {i can only imagine what it'd be like crossed the border via janky boats...} We were welcomed with juice and flowers and a delicious lunch. {pineapple here's especially delicious!}

Went swimming. A sea snake swam dangerously close to my face. {only later to find out that those suckers are mighty poisonous.} Some unfortunate people got raped by the sharp coral. Not what I pictured for tropical fijian islands... 

Erin and I went kayaking, taking on the perils of piracy in the high seas.  This place is beautiful even in the rain.  

allison and the outhouse 
People hit the volleyball court with some of the locals. It was a lot of fun.

volleyball. per usual

Melanie and I went for a walk in the low tide all the way to one of the points of the beach. Saw stingrays, lots of crabs, sea stars and all sorts of little critters. The crabs here can jump! 

melanie and her little cucumber friend

bright blue star fish
Had tea time complete with a little live band. The bass they rigged together is so awesome. It's just a string tied to a big wooden box and wooden dowel (pictures will come!). 

Back to the volleyball court. Seth was getting pretty schwasty at this point. Bought a round of beer for everyone on the court.  He's one of a kind–to say the least. 

seth: rock n roll

allison and I got fancy cocktails just cause we could

We all hung out at the bar after a curry dinner. Turned around to find all the 'newbies' gone to bed.  Danced our asses off. Minnie (one of the staff members) convinced us to play some silly drinking game. "Got elevated" on the bar top. Sang along to every song we played. What a night; what a night.



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