Monday, February 13, 2012

fiji village

Awoke to the beat of the drum again. I wish someone would do this for me at home. 
After breakfast, most all of us went to the village back up across the mountain. The path started out the same as yesterday's hike, but then went down and around along the beach. High tide too. Started raining hard again. I can't imagine that kind of commute to and from work every day. 

An hour or so later we finally made it to the village. Us girls covered our knees and shoulders. {all i had for knees were those fish pants we made for dad a long time ago. ridiculous looking.} 

We got a nice walking tour along the sidewalk. 

Sat in on some school classes. 

Gave our $3 donation to the village.  Went to a temporary market where I spent most of my time with these people:

Then walked back to the resort. Luckily, lower tide this time. and no downpours. 

But still quite muddy.

Came back in time for lunch and some more frolicking in the sun! Everyone was tired and hungry.
Laid low this afternoon. Played cards.
Went snorkeling again. –murky this time. But we did see the GIANT clams they've been talking about. They're really huge! and supposedly eat stingrays.

They made dinner underground using the heat of the earth to cook the food. What a feast they  made! 

Watched the beautiful sunset!!

After dinner, they put on a show. Gave me the chills. Some of us up front were invited to join in the song and dance. I had so, so much fun! I'm really going to miss this place and its people. 

But then, the shit show began. Seth's goal was to break $500 on cheap booze. Mission accomplished.
A girl had to be carried off to bed. Was a strange night indeed. But the stars were spectacular!

Some of us slept outside. Dragged our little mattresses and sheets outside and slept in the fresh air. Besides the rats running in the rafters above, it was a beautiful sleep.
Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

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