Monday, June 11, 2012

taking the long way

The drive from Te Anau to Milford is supposed to be pretty quick - like an hour. We however spent the whole day getting there, stopping at every spot along the way. It was really nice!

Photo shoot at one of the short hikes and lakes:

Then to the field of all fields:
best frolicking field everrr
of course we had a jumping pic

The mirror lakes:

mirror lakes
And then a speed hike to the top of a mountain (erin and tommy are the fastest hikers EVER. Lindsey and I struggle bussed it in the back):

photographer tommy at work!

honorary "our special erin" pic
love birds
au natural
we tried
so functional

our fearless tour guide, charlotte

"get it strait. ride krooked"
Then on to Gunn's camp. Wish we could've spent more time here :(
But Lindsey and I did buy greenstone necklaces for each other. 
little angel, lindsey
And finally, Milford! (where Lindsey and I exchanged our lovely new gifts. I'm wearing it now!)

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