Monday, June 18, 2012

closing hunt

This weekend was the closing hunt, which means go big or go home! And what better way to spend it with 2 of the best friends anyone could ask for!

I unfortunately had an exam on Saturday, so couldn't partake in what turned out to be 'one of the best hunts i've ever been on' from what i heard. :(  But we (Lindsey, Charlotte, and I) drove out to central otago after my exam to meet up with hooligans.  
We showed up at the inn where Ted had directed us to, knocked on the door to find a bunch of old (i mean grandparents old) riders heading straight for the booze. After convincing them we were instructed to sleep on the floor here and that we did not need to share beds with any of them, we stayed long enough to see how the rest of the night might unfold. People came and went and we eventually all headed to an old, old tavern/country store from the early settlers in the area. The place was cooler than any artifact museum we could've gone to.  Original pots, pans, jars, bones, etc lined the walls. And equipped with speakers, a bbq, and hard-ass huntsmen, the place got even more interesting.  It certainly made for a night to remember!! And Charlotte and Lindsey were there to share the adventure! {there were also season end awards given. Ted won "dick of the year" due to one of his horses: Numbnuts - who is all too deserving of that name} 
frosty sunrise over central otago

Sunday was a great day in the saddle complete with some long gallops and wire jumping. The temperatures never got above freezing, but the sun was shining and last hunt of the season so couldn't complain too much.

hunt master: Glen. also founder of the central otago hunt club.
is mostly deaf. knows how to have a good time.
the gangsta of GGG?
and the roach still runs

love yall.
and check out those blanketed mountains out yonder. 
cute little stone house in the hills of otago
Hope this isn't my last hunt with these people. :(  I'll sure miss them in the meantime! Goodbyes were harder than I had imagined. They really became a family away from home.

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