Saturday, June 9, 2012

queenstown fun

What would a weekend be without a farmer's market date?! Charlotte was our honorary guest.

our beloved date spot: the joyful vegan

And we finally checked out the train station! It's the second most photographed building in the southern hemisphere and we'd yet to check it out and take a single picture.

the train station!
baby bag of apples

After a yummy brunch and awakening Erin and Tommy, we hit the road for a night in Queenstown! my favorite place in the world! and i had to share it with Charlotte.
the mystery picture in the hall. WTF
check out our neat closets!

shuffleboard champs

we found our friend mitchell!!
Woke up and spent a lovely morning wandering around our home away from home. Going to miss this place!

cute char

dream job in a dream place!
love you heaps!

I <3 queenstown
And then it was off to Te Anau/Milford Sound for a continued adventure. 

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