Monday, June 4, 2012

great friends n great huntin

Ted invited me on another hunt this weekend. This time, a 2-day hunt in Central Otago.  Saturday, Erin, Lindsey, and Katie came up to be my cheering section.  (I have the greatest friends ever!)  They rode around in the emergency (aka booze mobiles) cars with some old folk all day.  
Got to ride my favorite of ted's horses too! Had a couple of good kills (nothing like the first hunt though) and lots of great runs. And being a holiday, we joined forces with a couple of other hunt clubs, which made for an even bigger crew out in the fields. But it was nice to meet and ride with some new faces!

first things first - shots to warm us all up
huntsmen and whips leading us out of the gates

paparazzi through the window
steamy horses 

my noble steed: Cruise.
wish i could bring him home

saddle bags put to use: carrying beer
fav pic.
lynley charging the fields from behind the wheel

lead huntsman for the day: Charles
old englishman Robert. used to be a huntsman back in the day

coming back in from a great day out in the fields

GLOM huntsman
feeding time for the hounds
The girls headed home for our program's farewell dinner.  I stayed with Ted and enjoyed the feast post hunt. After much needed showers and warm food, we moved into the tack room where things got rowdy. I sat there mostly in shock, trying to take it all in. Who knew such old farts could get down and dirty dancin. There was some stripping. climbing in the rafters. drinking games and the likes. it was great. A night to remember for sure. and bonding at its finest. 
the only pic i can provide. planking on stools.

The morning brought hail, freezing temps, and quite miserable weather in general. That was no excuse to stop these brave souls! Geared up with many layers and an oilskin trench coat, I didn't let a little rain and frozen extremities keep me out of the pack.  Sunday's hunt was quite exciting as the terrain and quick pace quickly diminished our starting herd. By the end of the day, only about a dozen of us had made it through all of the brutal wind, full bar, barbed wire fence jumping and bog crossings that deterred people from staying out, but Cruise was still rearing to go (despite a bloody mouth from my efforts to control the train) so we kept on keeping on. 

What better way to celebrate the Queen's birthday?!

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  1. ahhh i love the photo of you jumping, and the group out riding with the sunset in the back! looks like so much fun, i'm sure mom would love it too