Saturday, December 31, 2011

year in review

Every new year, our family does a "memories of _____" and "wishes for _____."  It's so fun to reminisce the next year and do it all again. So, here we go:

began 2011 in Watercolor, FL with dear family and friends. returned to school only to have a snow storm and school be closed for a week. played in the snow.  February was filled with good food including SYFAS. went on my first GORP trip as a participant to ski in NC which resulted in me now working for them. turned my dorm room into a craft room. my family came to visit. In March, I visited Ali in Baltimore. skied yet again- in Winter Park this time. hosted dinner parties.  I had a visitor from japan.  April brought a GORP backpacking trip to Springer Mountain. more arts and crafts. Bear tore up mom's hand. went to Asheville for a weekend getaway and some Panic dancing fun.  Charlie and Randy set out on the AT. babysat a bunch of 'grown' boys at the Steeplechase.  May: exams. said goodbye to my freshman year roommate. celebrated mother's day. South Africa. played teacher- more or less real life. sea kayaked in the Atlantic.  Spent June shark diving in South Africa. Nate got is driving permit.  Saw zimbabwe, botswana, zambia. bungee jumping. safari rides. tanzania. mom and I climbed Kilimanjaro. We slept in tents in the Serengeti where we woke to lions roaring. saw the big 5 plus some. July took me back state-side. spent lazy days at the lake. went to the climbing gym quite a bit. had wisdom teeth pulled. ate peanuts at Braves games. In August, we had friends from Ireland visit. took road trip to Michigan. prepare for Ali and Bevan's wedding.  picked berries. went back to school. joined a sorority- KKG. Ali and Bevan's wedding. GORP staff training expedition. moved into an apartment with Katie.  September wandered NYC with Bozz. cheered on the dawgs at football games. woke up all too early for tailgates. cried at Quiet Heroes. danced til our feet hurt at Music Midtown. officially a kappa- big/little reveal and initiation.  In October, I made lots of granola. continued struggling through jazz. spent a weekend in the NC mountains. Katie and I embarked on an impromptu weekend getaway in the mountains. the all-blacks won the rugby world cup.   I survived Ga/Fl weekend in St. Simons.  Katie decided, in November, to move to Colorado to be a ski bum for the winter. Bozz got into UGA. Katie moved. Colorado Browns and the family came for a football game. family trip to MI for thanksgiving. I turned 20.  I survived jazz. In December, I prepared to be reunited with Katie. survived all-nighters in preparation for exams.  played in a squash tournament in atlanta. said goodbye to katie's and my apartment. Charlotte and I ventured out to CO. shredded the gnar. watched GNAR yet again. went to nashville to get into the holiday spirit.  celebrated christmas with just the 4 of us. at home. – a first, I believe. was an honored guest at Liz's Deb ball.

And finished off the year dancing away to Reptar at the Georgia Theater!!

Now, wishes for 2012...
In about a month I will be jet-setting across the world to study in New Zealand, so on that note, I wish to fall in love with New Zealand. document my life abroad- and share some of it with yall. do something for me everyday.  take a fun trip with somebody. laugh. start AND finish art projects. work. play. and i wish to ride this year–I've really missed it.

For others in my family?
take a cool trip. find challenging work. focus on being happy. count blessings.

So long, 2011. Let's go, 2012.

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