Monday, October 31, 2011

srat life

I finally decided to go down to St. Simons Island and give "The World's Largest Cocktail Party" a try this year... it was quite the shit show. words cannot even describe.  Maybe a couple of these pictures can though...

Getting ready for the big day

Absolute craziness

And all we had to do is walk down our boardwalk to get to this:

the birthday girl, Caroline! 

maybe more pictures will surface in the future ......

Check this out too:

And to top it off, the DAWGS WONNN!!!! 24-20! Our 4th win vs. Florida in the past 21 years!

And in case you're interested, this was our advice from Kappa:

1. First off, OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. We will not be posting any pictures or anecdotes because the initial shock is the best part.

2. No glass or styrofoam on the beach (cups or coolers - copz will confiscate)

3. Buying alcohol sitch: St Simons is waayyyyy stricter on ids ... Sooooo your call hah, not much help there, just want you to be informed. Knowledge is power!

4. If you have had ANYTHING to drink (a sip, one beer, omg no I'm TOtaLlLy fine to drive) STILL do not drive. Trick or treat? TRICK, BOOM, DUI.

5. Frat Beach - don't bring anything you will regret losing (expensive jewelry, nice shoes, etc) - freshman year _____ lost her phone, flippy floppies, wallet (fake and real), family credit card, etc because her bag got washed out when the tide came up… this happens to a bunch of people every year. FANNY PACKS ARE YOUR BFF!!!

6. If you are too drunk (anywhere, anytime) just go home. And by that we mean your hotel/condo/house etc… not athens

7.  If you're going to wear Kappa stuff (which we're sure you will bcuzzz kappazz IT.) make sure you behave in a way that is flattering to our sororiTAY.

8. DONT BE LATE FOR THE BUS.  you WILLL get left.  ESPECIALLY ON THE WAY HOME - people have been left every year we have been here.

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