Sunday, October 16, 2011


As promised, some more details of my adventure:

We were originally going to go to Asheville, but then decided we didn't want to go that far. But figured we'd start up 85 and see where it took us

on the road!
Of course we had to stop at Georgia's largest flea market where everyone else was either Asian or Latino. [we saw another 'largest flea market' closer to Athens]

first stop: "GA's largest flea market"
 And had fun taking pictures with the big cow.

So we decided on Lake Hartwell. But when we took a short tour of the campground, we decided to keep looking. The place was taken straight from a horror film script.

Katie and I in the future
We hit the road again. This time ending up at Tallulah Gorge. Got a whole bag of boiled peanuts for free :) 

we decided to go on an impromptu backpacking trip at Panther Creek, hence the poorly packed bags

well-packed bags

Our lovely little campsite!

some yummy eggs with beans and corn
 Hiked in the morning to the end where the falls are

Panther Creek Falls!


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  1. girl this is where i went camping with my dad at the end of the summer!! soo crazy. I have a picture of the same beautiful falls :) looks like yall had an awesome time