Tuesday, October 4, 2011

take a minute

Ok so I've decided to take a minute for a little insight into my life. And I hope you do the same!
I am...

Making... granola! why? just because I love having a kitchen. It's currently still cooling, but it is one of the best batches I think I've made. I'm also working on a couple art projects. [will keep you posted.]

Listening... a lot of jazz.  My jazz class went well today. Listened to Stan Gatz do "my funny valentine." {oh and if you have a facebook, please do me a favor and like this page. My jazz professor, Steve Dancz was the composer and it is up for Grammy nomination. So please help him out!}
I've also been listening to a good bit of Bob Dylan recently... he never gets old for me.

Watching... saw Lion King 3D last weekend. Yes, I cried. As soon as it began. But tonight Katie [because she's finally home from all her travels!] and I are going to have a girls' night in and watch Bridesmaids! Can't wait!

Loving... slightly cooler weather. blowing leaves. open windows. people sitting out on the lawn. sweaters. pumpkins.

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