Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lake dayz

We went up to the lake with the Kuik's this weekend (and, well, I stayed a few more days).  Such a perfect vacation! And, I finally got some sun :)  [ok, I had ZERO tan lines. not even a farmer's tan.  I don't remember the  last time I looked like that!]

jump and catch

so happy

it's been years...

the slackline

Robin's dress blew off the boathouse into the water. Tyler (aka Scuba Steve)
 just so happened to have his scuba gear in the car and came to the rescue!
anxiously waiting

Robin reunited with her dress

beautiful sunset on the lake

dumb. and dumber

perfect ending to a perfect day

cards, cards, and more cards

Tyler's bananagram board. nice

breakfast and a little MCAT studying
so. many. pieces.

berry pick'n

happy family!

The weekend was filled with lazy days by the water, skiing/wake boarding/tubing behind the boat, bananagrams, puzzles, blackberry pickin', yummy food, cards, and lots of laughs! What a way to spend time!
And the best part is that we had no sense of time there–just livin in the moment.

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