Thursday, July 14, 2011

nate's summer job

Because he isn't doing much of anything this summer, Dad decided to cancel the yard service and employ Nate... 
mowing a yard the size of ours shouldn't be too difficult.  But Nate manages to find a way.

The lawnmower starts smoking. So, he calls us on his cell phone to come check it out.

fixed the smoking problem.  Then we get another call. A snake. (like Mom would've gone down to take care of a snake)

i guess the pants were half-off in fear of the snake

i threw a rock and it split 
 Smoking lawnmower? check. Snake? check. So what possibly could be this phone call??

the lawnmower smoking yet again.

It took him hourSSS and several phone calls up to the house to finish. Then he asked dad for a 'wildlife bonus' for the snake that he wouldn't even get close to.

I guess it gives him something to do...

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