Monday, February 14, 2011

love is all we need

I hate Valentine's Day.  Sorry, but I just think it's a waste.  We should love each other 365 days (or 366 on leap years)!
And come on, what happens to all those poor flowers and roses (ew) that don't get sold?  You never see florist departments turn people away because they've 'run out.'  And, how about all that money spent on stupid Hallmark cards?!
So, instead of being a total hater, I decided to use this 'special' day to thank some people I love in my life!  (Maybe it was also to procrastinate my homework all week.)  I cut up cereal boxes and some magazines that keep coming to my mailbox to create Valentines!  Here are a few:

I just couldn't resist

Every year, for the past 10 years, we go to Dante's for Valentine's dinner as a family.  And yes, Erika is part of our family.

Nate DESTROYED our sauces! thanks
misbehaving as usual...
aren't we cute?!

the 'main men' showing off their card

"Happy Valentines Day!!!!!
From your main men
Nate Dawg & Link/Big Rich
(No chocolates. no flowers. no thongs)
You get our LOVE"

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